July 15, 2002
Flets Robo, a robotic remote control
Flets Robo is not a common robot. Made by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara, it looks like a plastic toy. But it's much more than that, and this very affordable robot comes with smart features that make it an original "telepresence tool".
Flets Robo has the ability to control virtually any infra-red capable devices, such as TV sets, VCRs, lights and the like. The user, when not at home, simply "call" the robot (using a mobile phone or the Internet, via NTT's ADSL service), which performs the asked tasks. Additionnaly, the robotic pal can take pictures and send them through the Internet.
Flets Robo will be sold in Japan, starting from August, at a tag price of $150 (not including NTT's monthly fee of $170).

Picture: © Takara

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