The Surprising History Behind the Delta Robot and an Coupon Code

I think that when many of us think of the word ‘robot’ we picture a metal man, who can perform basic functions such as walk and pick up objects. However there are not actually many bipedal robots that can walk around, and most robots that we use today aren’t nearly that complex. One type of robot that has been around for a while now and that was meant to mimic human movements is the delta …

Best Coupons For Robotics

The Top Coupon Codes For Everything Robotics.

Are you looking for discounts on coding classes? Perhaps a chance to set up web hosting on a robotics website? We have resources here to help you save money on everything related to robotics.

1. Greengeeks Coupons

If you want to start up a blog to share your hobby with the world, you’ll need some coupons to keep website hosting and domain registration costs from getting out of …

How To Build a Robot

Learn How To Build a Robot Here.

Building your DIY robot can be extremely exciting. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, creating your robot is a great way to learn how things work. Another benefit is that you’ll learn how to use technology to your advantage.

This project to build your robot can be a fun and exciting project. There are many plans available that will help you build a small, medium, or …

Robotics Kits for High School

With robotics clubs flourishing as extracurricular activities in schools, a fantastic variety of high-school focused robotics kits have become available. These kits provide all the hardware needed to get started. Good kits come with dozens, or even hundreds, of mechanical and structural pieces to support the building of multiple robot configurations, and they include remote controllers and programmable onboard microprocessors.

Detailed instructions are provided to get teams started building some of the basic designs and …

Best Robots For Kids

The 12 Top Kid-Friendly Robot Toys

In an ever-evolving technological world. Children are having to learn to navigate the world of computers, programming, and technology at an early age.

As a way to give your child a head start in the technical world, toy companies have been introducing simple, learning toy robots to the market to help children learn essential skills from the start.

While these robots tend to be a little pricier than your …