July 5, 2002
Engelberger: Robotics needs more D than R
Joseph Engelberger, in a short article published by the Robotic Industries Association, worries about the path followed by Robotics Research.
"Somehow giving robots facial expressions, the ability to walk, or yet another navigation algorithm does not measure up. No, and gladiatorial skill at mangling other robots is not helping the robotics industry.", says Engelberger, who insists, saying that focusing on personal robots is "murky and limited".
Engelberger, co-founder of the very first Robotics company, Unimation, in 1961, is considered as the father of Industrial Robotics. In the past years, he has been working on a robot caregiver for the elderly and infirm.
A famous award, created in 1977, has been named after him, and is handled by RIA: The Engelberger Robotics Award (entry deadline is August 1, 2002).

Picture: © RIA

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