March 31, 2002
Omron and Tmsuk present "Jurassic" robotic pets
The companies presented two robots prototypes this week, a "Stegasaurus" and a "Triceratops", that could be part of a robotic system designed for security tasks.
This system, named "M2M" (for machine-to-machine), combines Tmsuk's remote controlled robot technology with Omron's sensing technology. The robots can move dynamically and are equipped with cameras and several sensors scanning for abnormal activities in their environment. All the collected data is sent to a M2M Center, "enhanced with judgment and processing capabilities", that "will then relays it to all appropriate parties (home owner, security company, etc.)", for instance using 3G phone networks.
The two companies will work together on marketing the system, that could lead to business applications within a year.
Picture: © Omron

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