February 16, 2002
Evolution Robotics: a company with a vision
In the robotics world, there is a new "kid in town". Named "Evolution Robotics", this one year old company intends to become "the Microsoft of robotics". Or, put clearly, to provide a Software Platform which is "a proprietary, behavior-based, modular, portable, customizable, hardware-independent and scalable software architecture" allowing the creation of personal robots.
The release of the software (running on Linux, with a Windows version to arrive next) comes with a hardware kit, allowing the building of a do-it-yourself mobile robot. This kit (shown left, as an already made robot) contents wheels, nine infrared sensors, four bump sensors, and one USB video camera, among others.
As a whole the Evolution product will allow professionals or hobbyists "to program robots that come alive, act autonomously, and complete complex tasks". But the real goal is to establish what could become the very first standard of the personal robots industry.

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