January 29, 2002
Pearson describes the future
In a detailed article published in British Telecommunications Technology Journal, futurologist Ian Pearson gives a precise timeline of tomorrow's technology.
According to the man that had been previously right about several other discoveries or progresses, "By 2020, synthetic intelligent life forms will share our planet and even have legal rights". A few other predictions illustrate the spread of robots in homes, hospitals or factories, as well as a quick increase of Artificial Intelligence and autonomous skills:
Japan robot population passes 1 million: 2004
Anthropomorphic robots used for factory jobs: 2008
Insect-like robots used in warfare: 2010
Robots for almost any job in home or hospital: 2012
Self diagnostic self repairing robots: 2017
AI technology imitating thinking processes of the brain: 2018
More robots than people in developed countries: 2025
Robots physically and mentally superior to humans: 2050

Photo © British Telecommunications

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