Best Robots For Kids

The 12 Top Kid-Friendly Robot Toys

In an ever-evolving technological world. Children are having to learn to navigate the world of computers, programming, and technology at an early age.

As a way to give your child a head start in the technical world, toy companies have been introducing simple, learning toy robots to the market to help children learn essential skills from the start.

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Here is a list of 10 great beginner toy robots.

1. Lego We Do 2.0

lego we do 2.0 robots for kids

Lego We Do 2.0 was originally designed for classroom children. However, it’s a great robot to have at home, or for homeschoolers. Lego We Do introduce children to computational thinking and engineering principles.

We Do has wireless technology. Built-in Documentation tools, as well as assessment rubrics. Has a full design library for ideas, inspirations, and solutions to any project.

Recommended ages: 7-10 years old


2. Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

kid-friendly robotics

These are great toy robots for teaching children to program. The simple but educational toy robots are ready to use right out of the box. It only requires 3 AAA batteries, that aren’t included.

Teaches children to use critical thinkings, problem-solving, sequencing, and programming fundamentals. The mouse lights-up makes noise and has 2 speeds. As well as match coding card colors, allowing your child to easily identify programming and sequencing.

Recommended ages: 5-9 years old

3. Jimu Robot UnicornBot by UbTech

jimu unicornbot for girls

The Jimu Robot UnicornBot is a great, unique way to teach your children about coding. With this toy robot, they’ll be able to customize the unicornbot’s colors, as well as there movement.

Recommended ages: 8+ years old


4. Lego Mindstorm EV3

lego mindstorm ev3

These toy robots are the most popular programming robot on the market for kids. It’s the perfect choice to get your child motivated to learn basics programming, mechanics and robotics.

This robot isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Recommended Ages: 10+ years old

5. Dash By Wonder Workshop

dash wonder workshop

Dash is the perfect toy robots for your curious mind. Introducing your free-thinking child to robotics, programming and STEM activities.

Dash can understand Voice commands and explore loops, events, conditions, and sequences with the Dash Challenge Cards. Dash uses your kid’s tablet, and Bluetooth to work. Providing your children with hours for fun.

Dash arrives charged and ready to play. Dash encourages and challenges your child to share their ideas and to help them build confidence.

Recommended Ages: 6-12 years old


6. Makeblock MBot

makeblock mbot

MakeBlock MBot is an educational robot designed to teach your children how to program and work with electronics.

Like most of the robots on this list, mBot will need assembly. Having simple instructions for your child to follow. Afterward, your child will program there mBot

Don’t judge this small robot by its size. This toy robot packs a lot of activities and imagination into its small packages.

Recommended Ages: 8-10 years old


7. Lego Boost

lego boost

This is a great toy robot that allows your child to be creative, and to bring their creation to life through programming.

Lego Boost uses block-based coding language but is also compatible with scratch. This STEAM toy will give your children an endless amount of options.

Recommended Ages: 7 – 12 years old


8. Code Kit by Little Bits

Little Bits is small electronic lego-like magnetic pieces. Your children use them to make prototypes and systems. These toy robots will have your child creating home-made circuits.

Recommended Ages: 8+ years old


9. Edison

edison programmable robot

Edison is a versatile little robot. These toy robots grow levels according to your child’s age and skill levels. Edison moves with the sound of a clap follows predesigned paths, and communicates with other Edison Bots.

Recommended Ages: 4+ Years old


10. Makey Makey

This toy robot kit is amazing for those creative minds. Everything from Dance mat from cardboard, banana piano, or a giant controller for their video. The perfect start to get your children’s programming juices running. This robot kit is only limited to your child’s imagination.

Recommended Ages: 6+ years old


11. Discovery Kids

discovery kids robot

This kit gives your creative child the ability to built 12 different robots from just a single kit. It’s Engaging and educational and focuses on STEM learning. This robot toy focuses on solar energy.

Recommended ages: 8+ years old


12. Miposaur

Miposaur is a robotics pet for children. This dino robot responds to hand gestures. Plus he has an ever-evolving intelligence for progressive play. Miposaur has path tracing ability, plus compatible with Bluetooth.

Recommended Age: 8-15 years old

Whichever toy robots you chose for your child. The importance is to keep the learning engaging and enjoyable. Take the time to play with them. Learning and encouraging them to use their imaginations. There is no limit to what your child is capable of. With the right encouragement.


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