October 11, 2002
Maron-1: a phone controlled robot for the home
Fujitsu Laboratories has presented a new machine, the MARON-1, "which can be remotely controlled by mobile phone to operate home electronic appliances or monitor household security". The robot is mobile (it navigates from a point to another by itself, avoiding obstacles) and equipped with two rotating cameras, controlled by the user, who can ask for pictures to be sent to his/her mobile phone. MARON-1 has to be programmed to know and recognize selected places at home and, thanks to its infrared remote control capability, be used to operate any devices, such as air conditioners, TV sets or VCRs. It can also detect any intrusion in the house, and then sound an alarm and call a given phone number.
Fujitsu's prototype is 32cm tall, weighs 5 kg, and is powered by Windows CE.

Picture: © Fujitsu

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