September 28, 2002
HRP, the humanoid robot that raises itself
According to a press release from AIST, the HRP-2 project, whose aim is to build the first humanoid robot to be able to work and collaborate with humans in real conditions, is making significant progresses.
The HRP-2P prototype is now able to raise itself from the ground to a standing position (face up or face down), and is the first anthropomorphic robot to do so. Involving high complexity and smoothe moves, the ability to raise oneself "like a human" (after a fall, for instance) is considered as essential for a biped robot involved in human-like activities.
HRP-2P is a 154cm tall humanoid robot, with a weight of 58kg and 30 degrees of freedom. It has been created in Japan by AIST and Kawada Industries, and could become fully operational in 2004. We spoke before about HRP-2 here.

Picture: © AIST

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