September 9, 2002
A delivery robot for hospitals
Matsushita Electric Works, in conjunction with Shiga University of Medical Science Hospital, is currently testing in Japan an autonomous robot, to be used in hospitals for delivery purposes. The robot acts as a carrier for medical charts or X-ray films. A staff member insert documents for delivery in a secure and locked box inside the robot, and selects a destination. The robot then autonomously conduct the delivery, determining the appropriate path to the given destination, based on the preprogrammed geographical data. The robot moves at walking pace. It can avoid obstacles and give way to moving stretchers. Data locked inside the robot is protected by a fingerprint scanning or PIN system.
This 120kg, 1.3 meters-tall robot is equipped with 19 sensors, and should be on sale in spring 2003, at approximatively USD60,000.

Picture: © Matsushita Electric Works

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