May 23, 2002
Robots start to play football in Korea
The Robot Soccer World Championship has started today and will take place until May 29 in Korea. More than 30 countries will participate in the event, organized at the same venues that will be used later for the Human World Cup.
The competition is divided into several categories, with different robots and rules. In "NaroSot", players radio-control their bots (small size wheeled machines - picture on the left), playing a kind of real soccer, while "KheperaSot" features fully autonomous robots.
But for the first time ever, a category will involve humanoid robots. Called "HuroSot", the competition has specific rules, allowing biped robots to demonstrate their skills: moving from one end of the playing field to the other as quickly as possible (with or without obstacles) or kicking penalties. Eight teams (half of them from Korea) are engaged in HuroSot, whose final purpose is "to develop humanoid robots that can play soccer well against other robots or even human opponents".
Picture: © FIRA

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