May 18, 2002
Sony will release the cheapest Aibo ever
A new robotic pet was announced by Sony. After Latte and Macaron, the ERS-31L is a new addition to the Aibo LM series. The robot marks the third anniversary of the Aibo robots, originally launched by Sony in May 1999.
The ERS-31L will come with the Aibo Pal Special Edition, a software that gives "an energetic personality" to the mechanical pet, with new features such as 200 new moves and dances or the ability to walk around and take pictures on its own.
But, above all, this robot is the cheapest ever sold by Sony. Available from June 3, ERS-31L will be priced at $599, or five times cheaper than the first Aibo robot, three years ago.
Picture: © Sony Corp.

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