March 6, 2002
Canada will get a brain surgery robot
The company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates announced that it will develop a neurosurgical robot, dubbed "NeuroArm", that will be installed in Calgary Foothills Hospital. The robotic system wiil have two arms for operations, and one arm equipped with two cameras, allowing 3D views of the surgery. The surgeon will not operate directly on the brain, but will control the movements of the robotic arms from another room. The mechanical arms will perform the operation (drilling, cutting, cauterizing...) with extreme precision and more security, by correcting possible sudden movements of the human surgeon. Estimated to cost $25 million, NeuroArm should perform its first operation in 18 months.
MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates is known as the manufacturer of CanadArm, the huge robotic arm that has been on board of the US Space Shuttle for 20 years.

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