October 25, 2001
NeCoRo, the robotic cat with fur
Omron, a japanese automated systems manufacturer, has just presented NeCoRo, a domestic cat robot. Unlike Aibo, the artificial pet has synthetic fur and is expected to behave "almost" like a real one.
Said Omron, "It will get angry if someone is violent to it, and express satisfaction when stroked, cradled, and treated with lots of love. Based on its own physiological rhythms, it will express its desire to sleep or cuddle."
With dimensions of a real feline, and a weight of only 1.6 Kg, NeCoRo has 15 degrees of freedom, tactile sensors (it can recognize stroking and patting) or movement sensors (it can perceive the direction of moving objects).
The smart toy will be available in Japan, starting November 20, at about $1,500.
Photo © Omron

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