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      Proposes a large collection of industrial robots (painting, glueing, packaging...) or controllers.
      www.abb.com/robots - US

      One of the world leaders in industrial robotics.
      www.fanuc.com - US DE JP

      International Robotics Inc.
      The oldest manufacturer of animatronics and robotics for marketing and entertainment purpose. From anthropomorphic robots to mechanical whales...
      www.internationalrobotics.com - US

      Kawasaki Robotics
      One of the world leaders in industrial robotics.
      www.kawasakirobot.com - US

      The leader of unmanned robotic vehicles.
      www.remotec-andros.com - US

      Among other things, Sarcos creates animatronics and non-autonomous robots (butterflies, birds, king-kong...) for the entertainment industry.
      www.sarcos.com - US

      Servus Robots
      Manufacturer of a robotic floor cleaning machine, able to work alone.
      www.servusrobots.com - US


      International Federation of Robotics
      Information about the industrial market and list of coming professional events.
      www.ifr.org - US

      Robotic Industries Association
      A comprehensive website featuring news, new industrial products, community tools and more...
      www.robotics.org - US

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