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    Functional robots

      ActivMedia Robotics
      A manufacturer of domestic robots, notably AmigoBot, an autonomous and mobile machine, able to "sense" its environment and serve as a videoconferencing tool.
      www.amigobot.com - US

      A domestic robot, able to move alone, carry things or clean any house or office.
      www.personalrobots.com - US

      Friendly Robotics Robomower
      Automatic lawnmower robot.
      www.robomow.com - US

      Gecko Systems
      Manufacturer of the CareBot device, a domestic and upgradeable robot.
      www.geckosystems.com - US

      iRobot Corp.
      A company involved in the conception of sophisticated robots for domestic or corporate users. Lines of products include dolls or telepresence robots, but iRobot is also strongly involved in R&D with US research labs.
      www.irobot.com - US

      Shadow Robot Company
      A company devoted to the creation of a multi-purpose domestic robot.
      www.shadow.org.uk/index.shtml - US

    Smart Toys


      A reference place for toy robots fans, including old ones: references, chronology, collectors' books...
      www.alphadrome.com - US

      LEGO Mindstorms
      The official website for the Mindstorms line, allowing to build and control robots.
      mindstorms.lego.com - US DE JP

      Tekno Robotic Puppy
      A complete line of robotic toys, including puppies, cats or birds, coming with a few "expressions" and movements.
      www.tekno-robot.com - US

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