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    Building a robot

      Ars Robotica
      Everything you can imagine about building one's own robot, including tutorials, reviews and forum.
      arsrobotica.com - US

      Claiming to be the "#1 amateur robots website", GoRobotics.net has indeed a complete set of features: news, reviews and other material to help the amateur robot-maker.
      www.gorobotics.net - US

      If I Had A .com - Robotics
      A personal guide to building your own robots, featuring explanations, tips and links...
      www.ifihada.com/robotics - US

      LEGO Mindstorms
      The official website for the Mindstorms line, allowing to build and control robots.
      mindstorms.lego.com - US DE JP

      Robot Room
      Dedicated to home made robots, the sites provides tips and many informations on electronics and mechanics. Also includes an original "illustrated guide for American robot Sumo".
      www.robotroom.com - US

      Robot Store
      A huge shop, dealing robots and parts to build them.
      www.robotstore.com - US

    Competitions and combats


      A portal about robotics and especially amateur-built entertainment robots, featuring articles, news and more.
      www.pekee.fr - US FR

      San Francisco Robotics Society of America
      A very active association, proposing advices, information and good links to the world of amateur and domestic robotics. Also includes an Aibo Club.
      www.robots.org - US

      Serious LEGO
      Explanations about advanced LEGO robots, including the Rubik's cube solver.
      jpbrown.i8.com/ - US

    Software for robots

      Evolution Robotics
      A private company proposing a Software platform, as well as hardawre kits, allowing to create autonomous robots.
      www.evolution.com - US

      Open RObot Control Software. A project aiming at providing a free open software to control robots.
      www.orocos.org/ - US

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