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    Best-ofs and Directories


      Intelligent Systems and their Society
      A free book, available on the Web or as a downloadable file, explaining concepts about AI and robots, and the consequences they could have for our society. The hypertext book is regularly updated.
      www.anice.net.ar/intsyst/index.htm - US

      Robot Books
      A huge site, sorting almost all books written about robotics, completed by information on robot kits, among others.
      www.robotbooks.com - US

    Information websites

      Artificial Life Online
      News and features about AI, artificial life or intelligent agents.
      www.alife.org - US

      Automates Intelligents
      A very complete website with news, reviews and comments about AI, robots and the cutting edge of science.
      http://www.automates-intelligents.com - FR

      A portal about robotics and especially amateur-built entertainment robots, featuring articles, news and more.
      www.pekee.fr - US FR

      A collaborative website featuring news and tips about the world of robotics (amateur or research).
      www.robotgeeks.com/ - US

      Robotics Education Project
      A website edited by the NASA about robots in general, featuring news, events and educational content targeting a large audience.
      http://robotics.nasa.gov - US

      Robot Science & Technology Magazine
      Rather technical articles (PDF), news, and a good selection of links and books about research, industrial or amateur robots.
      robotmag.com - US

      A collaborative website gathering updated information and news about robotics, AI, nanotechnology or other innovative technologies.
      www.robots.net - US

      La vie artificielle
      A communauty website on artificial life, artificial intelligence and robots. News, forums and talks.
      www.vieartificielle.com - FR

      Walking Machines Catalogue
      A huge database presenting the history of many walking robots (2 legs or more).
      www.fzi.de/ids/WMC/preface/walking_machines_katalog.html - US


      Robots and AI humor
      A depository of jokes or funny quizzes about robots. And it will give you the answer to the question you're asking to yourself for years: are you a robot?
      humor.about.com/cs/robots/ - US

      Robot Cafe
      Listing of robotics websites and selection of robotics domain names for sale.
      www.robotcafe.com - US

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